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Your ban was filed on October 13th, 2010, and expires on January 11th, 2011, which is 81 days from now.

According to our server, your IP is: The name you were posting with was Anonymous.

Because your ban is longer than 3 days in length, you may appeal the ban using the form below. Please explain why you believe you deserve to be unbanned. Rude, poorly written, or offensive appeals will be rejected. Submission of an appeal does not guarantee nor does it imply that your ban will be lifted prior to its listed expiration date. E-mail address is optional, however if you do not provide one, we will be unable to contact you with questions and/or updates.

Note: If your IP is dynamic, or your ISP uses a proxy-cache, you might be affected by a ban meant for somebody else. If you believe this to be the case, state so in your appeal. Tor/proxy users should note our policy listed here.